Answer: Earning money through is easy! Add yourself and your services to our directory under the correct category. Make sure to describe your experience and availability. Visitors want to know about you to select the right person for them, so enter information you feel will resonate with the reader and inspire them to connect with you. Once you work with someone, make sure to treat them right so you can build a relationship with them.
Answer: We do prefer if you have experience in your area but our goal is to help people find new forms of revenue. Make sure to be yourself when you describe your services and to be honest. Consumers have a variety of needs and we find availability is important when trying to gain experience.
Answer: Be descriptive and take the time to fill out as much information as possible to give the reader the most information possible for them to make a decision. Make yourself available and approachable by allowing people to contact you via phone, email and social media.
Answer: Our sign-up system is simple! Click on the create your account link. Fill out the information on the sign-up page. Add a picture of yourself to show readers who you are. Use a professionally appropriate picture that puts in you in the best light.
Answer: Once our system confirms your email address, you will be able to add yourself to our directory. If you don’t want your personal information displayed, simply select the option to stay anonymous and when people contact you they will see a coded email displayed. You can then communicate with potential clients with full knowledge of who is reaching out to you.
Answer: That is up to you. We are not involved in collecting payment for you. We recommend that you create a good relationship with your potential clients and make sure to be clear with how much you are charging them for your services so there are no issues.
Answer: Yes. For example, many tutors also double as babysitters and at times combine both of these.